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Our company specializes in baking and endorsing blocks for the Dune Network.


Our Services

We have more than 8 years of experience operating blockchain nodes.
Evolved from mining to the staking field.
We are planning to support multiple stakeable coins and are always on the lookout for new options to add to our portfolio.

100%+ Efficiency

7.5% Fee

Compounding Interest

Paying After 7 Cycles

24/7 Support

Automatic Payments




Blocks Baked




Years of Dune Baking

Why TwenteBaking?

Technical Expertise in Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Management

Our reputation means the world to us, you can always expect us to be at the top of our game!


Fast Responders

We understand you don’t want to wait for days to recieve an answer on a baking related question, that’s why we strive to be available at any time in any language.

Customizable Fees

Are you looking to bake with us for a longer period and do you have a sustantial balance? Send us a message to get a discount on your fee’s!

High Security

Our bakery is protected like no other, with state of the art protocols in place to make sure its funds remain safe and your baking won’t be interupted! Thus ensuring you of the highest interest possible!

Enthusiastic Dune Supporters

We are very passionate in our support for Dune and the ecosystem. That is why we will always try to find things to build on top/working together with the dune network. Our latest project is

Our Team