You might have heard a little bit about it during one of the AMA’s held by Dune.Network’s dev team; now the time has finally come to open the curtains!!
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First a thank you to all the people who helped realize this awesome project.
With special thanks to the Dune Foundation and the developer that helped out.
After A few weeks of building and testing, I feel very proud to present to you;

Dune Folding!

What is Dune Folding one might ask?!

Ina nutshell, Dune Folding is YOUR chance to become a SUPERHERO and get rewarded in cryptocurrency for it!

Dune Folding combines the baking mechanisms from with the donation of “work” to [email protected].
I’m sure you all known what Dune is, if you don’t follow this link into the rabbit hole!

What is Folding?


Foldin[email protected] is a novel distributed and decentralized computing project for performing complex protein folding calculations allowing you to ascend to Superhero status!

Users download and install software which uses spare computing power from their device and donate this to the network(comparable to mining Bitcoin!) to find treatments and cures to real world diseases — including Covid19 (SARS-CoV-2).

With emphasis on donating.

Dune Folding wants to bring change to this, being the first to deliver a publicly accessible and sustainable reward system for Superhero’s without borders or boundaries!

Why Dune?

Dune offers many advantages for this project.
Thanks to the LdPOS model under which it operates, processing payouts for heroes is automatic and efficient.
On top of this, as big believers in the technological offering by Dune Network, there is huge potential for growth when it comes to the price of the coin.
This means that, for heroes who hodl, the potential long-term profits of your good deeds could be exponentially increase over time!

Learn more about Dune Network.

In the first and current stage, Dune folding will divide roughly 2000DUN in each cycle; This is spread proportionate accross participants.

The Future of Fodling

While we all hope that a cure can be found for covid-19 before too long, we have big plans to keep this project operational for a long time to come! Already, the reward pool for each cycle (a period of approximately 2.8 days on the Dune Network blockchain) stands at an impressive 2000DUN!

What’s more though, is that the funding model in place ensures we can keep paying our heroes forever, in a self-sustainable manner! Currently this baker is running for DuneFolding and is sharing its rewards across participants.

Rewards will be paid out to users who signed up on the website ->

The $DUN price is not set in stone. This inevitably leads to a fluctuation in the $ value rewarded to our SuperHero’s. Keep in mind that you still need to pay your energy bills; fold responsible and thank you for your donation!

Help us grow

If you don’t have a PC/laptop it will still be possible to reach SuperHero status. Simply by delegating to the baker, you help to increase the rewards paid to the folders. You can also donate to the baker, to permanently add to the folding payout pool.

If you want to permanently donate to Dune Folding send your dune here
→ dn2DkQnAtfXmXsQZTNXHBw15GW9XPN26dgcY ←

And again you can also delegate to this address and withdraw this delegation at any time. This is a nice way to donate to the project for a long or short period without losing a dime.


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