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Dune baking using systemctl

If you own Dune tokens (DUN), you want them to work for the Dune network and ecosystem. It is a fun challenge and you will be rewarded for doing it. The more individual bakers we have in the Dune ecosystem the more decentralized and resilient Dune will become. Granted, it takes a little bit of […]

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Dune Folding

You might have heard a little bit about it during one of the AMA’s held by Dune.Network’s dev team; now the time has finally come to open the curtains!! Find tutorial here->   First a thank you to all the people who helped realize this awesome project. With special thanks to the Dune Foundation […]

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Dune Baking Explained

The proof of stake algorithm of Dune is a complex operation. This page is meant to explain it in a simple manner so you can understand how your delegations are used to bake new Dune tokens. This article applies to the all bakers and the Dune protocol as a whole and it is not the […]

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